Four Year Old

At Indra, we like to start the year by welcoming each child and their parents, with a personal interview.  This allows your child the opportunity to become more familiar with our pre-school and the staff, and the staff in turn enjoy personally meeting and getting to know your child.

Parents are encouraged to use this time to exchange any information they feel it is important for us to know about their child.  We have found this process to greatly assist each family make a smooth transition from home to pre-school.

Once the year begins, staff greet each child and their parents every day, and also assist all the children with entering the pre-school. We want each child to develop a sense of belonging.

First term is a getting to know each other term: we begin by establishing trusting relationships with the children and parents. During first term, staff also focus on communication skills, by modelling the skills we would like the children to use.

Every day, the children have the opportunity for active learning, to make choices, to select learning experiences, and to play with other children. We want to promote each child’s involvement in learning, and also promote their self-confidence.

The children and staff will also work together in our garden, where we have herbs, vegetables and fruit trees growing. Environmental education is now part of our everyday experience where we can all learn together, about how things grow, what plants need to grow, and we will observe the changes in the plants.

We promote and create a caring, respectful and safe community for all children, families and staff. We encourage and support children to speak up for themselves, and we teach the children protective behaviours. We believe children are curious and we provide an environment where children can actively explore, and help create, an environment full of rich possibilities.


Indra Preschool