Indra Pre-school’s professional staff are an asset to our centre, and their dedication will ensure that your child has happy and fun years of self-discovery, learning and development.

We have two four year old groups – the Red Robins and the Blue Wrens, and one three year old group – the Rainbow Lorikeets.

Teacher of Red Robins, Rainbow Lorikeets, Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor: Joanna Greaves

Teacher of Blue Wrens, Co-educator of Red Robins and Nominated Supervisor: Helen McLaughlin

Co-educator of Rainbow Lorikeets and Red Robins: Ania

Co-educator of Red Robins: Xenia

Co-educator of Blue Wrens: Lindsay

Co-educator of Rainbow Lorikeets and Blue Wrens: Paula

Co-educator of Blue Wrens and Additional Assistant for Red Robins: Nadine

Service Coordinator: Andrea Summers


Indra Preschool